White Pages Canada

The white pages are a generic name for any type of telephone directory that lists names and addresses.  It is called the white pages because it lists the residential customers.  The businesses are usually listed on yellow pages of the telephone directory while government offices are usually listed on blue pages.  The different categories are listed on different colored paper so you can easily flip to the category you need.

In America, we are often used to using the white pages to look up someone’s phone number or address.  In fact, many cities now distribute what was once traditionally known as the “white pages” from many different sources, meaning you may find yourself with more than one white pages book.  But, did you know if you travel and need the white pages Canada also has books to offer?

The Yellow Pages Group (YPG) is the largest publisher of telephone directories in Canada.  It has produced white pages Canada since 1908.  YPG is the official publisher of Bell Canada’s telephone directories.  It produces white pages Canada for Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, the Territories and Atlantic Canada.  YPG produces over 30 million copies of white pages Canada each year.  They have approximately 425,000 advertisers for the over 340 different directories that they publish throughout Canada.  YPG employees over 2,000 people to help created these directories.

YPG also runs web sites that offer access to white pages Canada, so you can look someone’s information up even if you do not have access to a phone book.  The sites they run get over seven million visitors each month.  YPG has done research on who uses their online services for white pages Canada.  They have found that approximately 44% of Canadians use the online service with over 10 million different visitors hits to the web site.