Weather in Canada

The weather in Canada is very diverse; much of this diversity is a direct reflection on the sheer size of the country.  The Canadian terrain is overwhelming, only Russia is larger, and the weather in Canada changes based on whether the landscape is mountainous, rocky, swampy, or even completely under water!  Due to the terrain, and the severe differences in the weather in Canada, most of the country’s population lives within two hundred miles of the U.S. border.

The weather in Canada can best be explained by relating it to the six regions that make up this tremendous country. There are six different landform regions, and each boasts a different type of weather in Canada  The Appalachian Region is in eastern Canada, and the weather is similar to the state of Maine in the U.S.  It has four seasons, yet a slightly longer winter with lower average daily temperatures.  The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Lowlands has some of the best weather in Canada for farming, and as a result, much of the nations farms can be found here.  The Great Plains is an extension of the U.S. Great Plains, and the weather in Canada, like the U.S., is punctuated by cold, windswept winters, cool dry summers, and breathtaking springs.

The weather in Canada, particularly in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, can be downright brutal, cold, and virtually inhabiatable for most of the year.  Many fail to realize that Canada comprises the majority of land in North America, and subsequently, all arctic regions in North America fall into Canadian territory.  The Canadian Arctic Archipelago is a diverse region; the weather in Canada, particularly demonstrated in this region, is influenced by the mountains, lowlands, plateaus, and uplands that comprise the area.  It has a dry, very cold arctic climate, and most of this area is covered in glaciers and vast arctic deserts made up of gravel and other glacial debris.

The weather in Canada, like its physical landscape and people, is diverse, complex, and one of the many things that makes Canada a unique and enchanting place.