Transport Canada

Transport Canada is the agency that makes sure Canadians have a good transportation system.  The honorable Lawrence Cannon is the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure, and Communities.  Transport Canada helps by both developing and administering things such as transportation policies, transportation regulations, and transportation programs to ensure the citizens of Canada a safe and efficient system.  It works with other governments as well as industry and stakeholders.  There are five regions of Transport Canada:  Pacific, Prairie and Northern, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic.

Transport Canada has approximately 4,700 employees at their headquarters in Ottawa and in other locations throughout Canada.  There are a number of groups located at the headquarters including Policy, Safety and Security, Programs and Divestiture, Corporate Services, Departmental General Counsel, and Communications.

Transport Canada is also interested in letting parents know the proper transportation restraints for children.  They offer several fact sheets on safe travel for children including rear-facing infant seats, forward-facing child seats, booster seats, and seat belts.  These fact sheets help parents know the proper ages and weights to move their children to a different restraint device to ensure their safety in the car.  They also have a fact sheet about children and information on how side air bags can protect them.  They give notices if there are any recalls of infant car seats or booster seats.  There is information on precautions to teach your children to take when they are traveling by school bus.

Transport Canada also offers a variety of fact sheets if you are planning to travel.  There is information available on how to plan your trip, where to find airports, what items are prohibited on planes, what to know when traveling abroad, how to travel with children, and traveling tips for the disabled.  There is also information if you live outside Canada, but are planning a visit.