Statistics Canada

The most recent statistics Canada demonstrate that, although Canadians are very concerned with protecting their borders and securing their country from the threat of terrorism, harsh rules and the imposition of stricter border crossing measures are not looked upon favorably by Canadian or American citizens living in border states.

A cursory glance at the statistics Canada shows that many Canadians are employed in the United States, particularly in more rural areas of the country.  Often, large retailers, according to statistics Canada, are more likely to build stores and shopping plazas on the United States side of the border in less populated areas.  Many cite the tax breaks and availability of more accessible shipping lines to the prevalence of retail locations in the United States along the Canadian border.  As a result, statistics Canada show that many Canadians work across the border in the U.S., and tightening border security to unmanageable extremes will make it next to impossible for Canadian citizens to work at U.S. companies.  This, according to statistics Canada, could have a potentially damaging effect on both the Canadian and United States economies.

Another investigation of information provided by statistics Canada shows that many Canadian children attend private schools that are located in the United States.  Already, Canadian citizens must spend upwards of two hours in each direction transporting their children to school on-time each day.  Should fast and efficient border crossings become a thing of the past, many Canadian school children could potentially have to deregister from American private schools, and attend Canadian schools that are even further away than their U.S. counterparts.  

Finally, statistics Canada demonstrate that along border states, the difference between Canadian and American culture is practically indistinguishable.  Should tougher security measures become an everyday reality, the centuries-old exchange of Canadian and American culture could wane, and this could prove to be too high a price to pay when one considers that according to statistics Canada, more than ninety-nine percent of all border crossings are legitimate and carried out by law abiding Canadians and Americans.