Learn How to French Kiss

Despite what you may think, the art of French kissing is quite simple.  Half the battle of learning how to French kiss is overcoming the fear of failure that is associated with first-time kissing.  You can learn how to French kiss quickly and successfully with just a little bit of practice.  In fact, practice is the most important part of the learning process!  You just need a little confidence in yourself and your techniques.  Once you become relaxed and less worried about the kiss itself, you will learn how to French kiss with little difficulty.

The first step of French kissing is to be relaxed, comfortable, and at ease.  As soon as you are comfortable with yourself and the person you wish to kiss, you will be much less nervous and not feel as much pressure to be perfect.  Chances are, the other person went through the same nervousness when they had to learn how to French kiss.  Don’t dive right into the French kiss.  Instead, start out with a normal kiss or soft peck.  Then you can slowly work your way toward a French kiss.  Pay close attention to the body language of the person you are kissing.  If they seem uncomfortable or uneasy in any way, stop what you are doing.

Once you begin kissing, remember to take breaks in order to breathe and avoid a build up of saliva.  While kissing, you should breathe through your nose, although you may find you will need to stop to breathe normally every now and then.  To do this without spoiling the mood, you can switch between soft pecks and kisses.  This also allows you to swallow and avoid having excessive saliva.  While it may seem like an awful lot to keep in mind, once you gain confidence and learn how to French kiss, you will be able to follow all these steps easily.