How to French Kiss

If you are nervous about your first French kiss, don’t be!  Learning how to French kiss can actually be quite enjoyable.  All it takes is some practice and a little know-how to find the technique that is just right for you.  Often, nervousness and pre-kiss jitters can intimidate someone who is learning how to kiss.  They scare themselves into thinking they cannot French kiss, when in reality they are more than able to.  As long as you remain relaxed and confident, you will learn how to French kiss quickly and successfully.  You may even find that you enjoy getting in all the practice!

Learning how to French kiss is not nearly as intimidating as some people think.  The key to learning how to French kiss is finding a willing partner who you are comfortable with.  If you have a partner who is just as interesting in French kissing as you are, you are very unlikely to run into any problems.  In fact, most French kissing horror stories are overblown.  If there is an awkward slipup, it will most likely result in a chuckle and then another try.  Since you are comfortable and close to the person you are kissing, they will more than likely understand and perhaps even being willing to help you overcome your French kissing fears.

If learning how to French kiss still gives you the jitters, it is possible to practice on non-living things.  Many people claim that practicing kissing ice cream is a cold, yet good way of perfecting your own technique.  When you kiss another person for the first time, remember to keep your cool and start out slow.  Read the body language of the person you are kissing to determine how you would like to continue with the kiss.  Keep in mind it is normal to find French kissing sloppy and strange at first.  Yet, with practice, you will get a better feel for how to French kiss effectively.