Health Canada

The branch of government responsible for the public health of Canada, known as Health Canada, aims to improve Canadian longevity through healthy lifestyles and access to sufficient health care.  It is made up of several agencies and bureaus that are dedicated to specific aspects of the health care system.  The agencies help provide accurate information and new research meant to benefit the lifestyles of all Canadians.  Together, the agencies aim for disease prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion.  Promoting healthy lifestyles will not only improve the quality and quantity of life, but will also help keep health costs down for all Canadians.

One way in which Health Canada seeks to ensure that Canadians are healthy is by sponsoring various medical studies.  It is responsible for two laboratories:  the Laboratory Center for Disease Control and the Sir Frederick G. Banting Research Center.  Through these laboratories, Health Canada conducts quality scientific research in order to keep information about disease prevention and healthy lifestyles up to date.  Health Canada also keeps close track of Canadians to determine how to best meet their long-term health needs.  The various agencies constantly conduct research and refine their policies in order to best meet the needs of all Canadians.

Health Canada also keeps a close eye on the health and activities of Canadians, constantly testing new ways of promoting healthy lifestyles and health services in a cost effective manner.  One way in which is does this is through the development of the Canada Food Guide, which provides food serving proportions and recommendations as well as general exercise guidelines.  Health Canada also encourages other healthy living choices such as not smoking, reducing stress, and surrounding yourself with a positive social network.  By making its research and information easily accessible, Health Canada effectively promotes and helps guide Canadians to lead healthy lifestyles that will benefit them in the long run.