French Translator

How wonderful it is to be bilingual.  In the past, people who were considered to be well-learned were individuals who could speak more than one language, and were well versed in all the various cultural, political and academic areas of their times.  They were also well versed in all of the above that happened before their time. 

Europe in particular, was very demanding of those individuals who were considered to be learned men.  In particular, a French translator would have many demands placed upon him or her. When educated people read works in their own languages (rather than Latin) the people insisted that all works be elegantly translated and written.  A French translator had his work cut out for him.  The French translator needed to bring in a modern prose style of writing that the people had come to expect.  Before long, French became the language of diplomacy, demanding ever more precise translation between French and other languages. A French translator could thus perform both literary and political tasks.  

Today, our society seems to forget all of those writers and individuals who translated so much of our important works of culture.  We must give credit to those who have allowed us to be able to read and enjoy a culture that may not have been available to us if they had not taken the time to give us these translated pieces.

In today’s culture we think of a French translator as an individual who works at the United Nations in New York City, or perhaps for an online company who helps students and the general public, for a fee in most cases of course, translate French words into their own language or vise versa.  As long as there is a need to have a word, phrase, piece of writing, or any other form of language put into ones own language so that the person needing the information understands it, there will be translators for all languages.