French Translation

When referring to French translation, we think of finding the words, phrases and meanings for French words in our own language.  Many people use a French dictionary or an online service to perform the French translation.  Our cell phones, palm pilots and other hand held devices might also be used as tools for French translation.  Of course we have be come such a high tech society that it is hard to imagine that anyone does not have a laptop computer that they can carry around with them; this makes it much easier to travel or conduct business in France or Canada for those who do not quite have a fluent command of the French language.  Technology is not a substitute for understanding another language-yet- but it can be a great aid to those who are not fluent.

Of course it is not only the spoken words or phrases that someone may be seeking to perform a French translation on.  There are also those that are looking to find the meaning of written pieces like in books, reports, signs, menus, and important documents.  Many times students who are studying French need to write a story or an essay.  They need to perform a French translation and perhaps paraphrase.  After all, we know when translating from a foreign language into English, a direct or verbatim translation does not work.  Usually the verbs come first then the noun where in English the noun is usually first and then the verb.

Of course there have been French translations of the classics, culture and art.  However it is important to keep in mind that language is constantly changing and developing.  One need not look any further than to the entertainment industry for this.  Songs of rap and hip-hop genre use words and phrases that are not readily recognized by many.  It is important that these translators of today be immersed in all aspects of the French culture.  They must be able to relate or translate to who ever is asking, the correct interpretation of a word, phrase or action as understood by the French people.