French Manicure

A French manicure is a style of nail polish which includes white tips and a pale pink base. The French manicure style is very popular among women in Europe and North America and provides a neat, clean look to nails while adding a flair of sophistication. The popularity of the French manicure can also be attributed to the ease of matching the style of nail polish to any color or any outfit, both dressy and casual.

There are different techniques used to achieve a french manicure, depending on the manicurist’s preference. The first step in creating a French manicure is shaping the nails using a file to either round or square tips, according to the customer’s specifications. Once the nail is shaped, a base coat is applied to the entire nail; this base coat is applied prior to the polish and will smooth out the nails’ surface, allowing for a better application of the polish and ensure longer wear. The next step in a french manicure is to polish the entire nail with a pale pink polish which mimics the nail’s’ natural color, while looking bright and healthy. Finally, the white tips, which are the trademark of the French manicure are applied.

The technique used to achieve the French manicure white tip varies among nail technician professionals. While some hand paint the tips, others use an airbrush technique with a stencil. The look achieved is very similar, but airbrushed tips may be more precise and will last longer without chipping because of its thinner texture. The airbrushed french manicure however, may cause over spray and should be brought to the nail technician’s attention for removal. Additionally, many salons will guarantee their work and will provide touch ups free of charge or for a nominal fee if chipping occurs soon after receiving a French manicure.