French Kissing

Perhaps one of the most intimate and sensual displays of affection occurs with french kissing.  This deeply romantic, and sexually charged kiss is marked most significantly by the lovers exchange of tongues as one enters the others mouth in the act and art of french kissing.  French kissing comes with a good deal of social mores, and when followed, the act of french kissing can prove to be a very provocative and alluring experience.

The first major rule of french kissing is that the participants should already be well acquainted.  Seldom is french kissing an activity celebrated by strangers, with the exception of certain social situations, particularly among teenagers and college students.  The sheer heat and passion of french kissing can and often does inspire more intimate moments, and thus it is assumed that both partners are comfortable with the heightened state of physical desire which accompanies french kissing.

Awareness and practice of good oral hygiene should always accompany french kissing.  Participants should be conscious of what food and beverages they consume; few wish to exchange tongue lashings with someone who recently washed down a tuna fish sandwich with a glass of chocolate milk.  If one participant is a smoker and the other is not, french kissing could be an unpleasant experience.

In most cultures, ironically including the culture of France, french kissing is a very private activity, and its public practice is an object of scorn and discomfort for those not directly involved.  Some countries have gone so far as to pass laws legislating the public display of french kissing, and these laws often come with penalties and fines for the unlucky lovers who cannot wait the few moments it takes to go behind closed doors.

Perhaps the most significant social more surrounding french kissing is the question of time, length of time that is. A good french kiss can and should last anywhere from several minutes, to several hours or the duration of a long, intimate evening.  When rushed, french kissing is more akin to being assaulted by a playful llama at the petting zoo, and seldom do playful llamas aspire the kind of intimate contact that a great french kiss seemingly demands over the course of time.

Finally, french kissing, like most things French, is an art.  Irregardless of how fast, modern, and efficient the world has become, french kissing, when done right, is an all day, perhaps night, affair.