French Kissing Techniques

Unlike friendly and regular kissing, French kissing involves a little bit more technique.  Very rarely does anyone know how to French kiss properly when they first make the attempt.  Certain tips and techniques should be used to avoid potentially embarrassing situations.  To guarantee your French kissing experience will be both memorable and enjoyable, try to keep a few of the following French kissing techniques in mind.  If used correctly, these techniques should result in a pleasant French kiss.

Although it is not always possible in the spur of the moment, it is often the best to set the mood before the kiss happens.  Make sure the timing is right so the kiss doesn’t seem forced or rushed.  Start by making eye contact with the person you are going to kiss, but close your eyes as your lips meet.  As you go in for the kiss, tilt your head slightly to the side so you don’t bump noses with your kissing target.  Try to keep the kiss as natural as possible by starting slow and paying attention to what your kissing partner is doing.  Take cues from the other person and concentrate on the kiss itself.  As you become more comfortable, you may develop your own French kissing techniques.

There are a few French kissing techniques that should be avoided.  Steer clear of being too aggressive; French kissing should be a gentle experience.  It is also a good idea to brush your teeth, chew some gum, or have a mint before starting the kiss.

Remember that your French kissing techniques will improve with practice; don’t become overly upset if your first attempt isn’t perfect.  There is no single correct way to French kiss.  Keep trying in order to become more comfortable and practiced, and you will develop your own successful style.