French English Translation

Given the prevalence of French intellectuals throughout history, it is no surprise that there are many French theorists revered for their academic work in the field of critical literary theory. Crucial to theorizing the western canon, these critical works are often translated into English and taught in American universities. For example, Jacques Derrida and Roland Barthes are two philosophers/critical theorists whose works have undergone a series of french English translation.

The act of completing a french English translation of academic writings such as these can be more akin to the act of writing itself rather than mere translating from one language to another. It is often academic intellectuals who undertake these particularly demanding acts of french English translation and strive to remain as true as possible to the original work, maintaining stylistic format and overall readability. 

To perform an academic french English translation, one must obviously be fluent in both languages.  However, beyond this, being well versed in the original writer’s work is crucial when searching for the perfect word for translation. This rich understanding will facilitate a french English translation which conveys the concepts and theories put forth in the original text as closely and accurately as possible, maintaining a style of prose similar to the original text. This would not be possible without a critical understanding of the writer’s theories and ideas as well as signature writing characteristics. 

French English translations can take years to complete and are often considered acts of writing on the part of the translator. Considering connotation and subtle nuances enrich a french English translation and are not always easy to capture, especially in the case of poetry. Additionally, some words do not translate directly into another language due to the effect of culture on language. It is in cases such as these that creative license on the part of the translator are crucial in completing a french English translation.