French Dictionary

An English to French dictionary is a valuable tool to have while traveling in Europe or certain regions of Canada in order to facilitate communication and make for a smoother overall travel experience. An English to French dictionary allows a user to look up an English word and find its French translation. For instance, if a medical issue was to arise while vacationing abroad, the words for doctor, hospital or pharmacy could be looked up and communicated to a local who may provide assistance. Conversely, many times an English to French dictionary will also include a section which provides French to English translations. This allows English speaking users to look up French words they’ve encountered and find the English translation.

It is also a good idea to bring an English to French dictionary along while traveling throughout Canada. Although a largely English speaking country, regions in Canada such as Quebec, speak French as their official language. Even if not passing through any French speaking regions of Canada, an English to French dictionary can assist in reading signs and labels intended for Canada’s French speaking citizens.

In addition to providing travel ease, an English to French dictionary can act as a study guide and practical academic tool for students. People currently studying the French language may consult an English to French dictionary for translations, definitions and correct spellings. Additionally, with the prevalence of French intellectuals, such as theorists and philosophers, an English to French dictionary can help students fully understand the terms and concepts put forth in certain academic writings.

Used a study tool by some high school teachers, an English to French dictionary is usually a required book for students taking a course in French. In fact, many French teachers will provide a list of terms to be translated as part of an assignment.  This task not only introduces students to new French terms, but also encourages a comfort level in using an English to French dictionary.