French Bulldog

The French bulldog originated as a smaller version of the English Bull Dog.  In the mid 1800’s, French dog breeders brought the English bulldog to France and bred it with the French Terrier.  In this way, the French bulldog breed was created.  French bulldogs belong to the AKC Non-Sporting group.

The French bulldog is a very pleasant and affectionate dog.  The French bulldog is curious by nature and its personality can be quite comical at times.  Although the French bulldog tends to bond particularly with one person their sweet personality allows for them to make a very nice family pet too.  They tend to do better with older children however.   They get along with other animals even though the males have been known to be a bit aggressive.  The French bulldog needs companionship, like any dog, and is best suited to a family that can spend a reasonable amount of time with it.  They are strong-minded dogs, that, with hard work and patience can be well trained if started at a young enough age.

The French bulldog; known to drool and slobber, stands about 12 inches high.  They are a sturdy, pear shaped dog that is not quite as large as the English Bull dog; weighing anywhere from 20-30pounds. They have a short soft coat that is a fawn (light tan) and white in color or a combination mostly.  Their eyes are round in shape and of a dark color.  Their tale is either straight or a cork- screw shape.  The only grooming needed is a regular brushing-out of their fur.  The French bulldog usually lives about 12 years.  They are known to have respiratory problems and wheeze and snore a lot.  These dogs should not be allowed to run and be overly active in hot weather. They do not do well with temperature extremes and prefer cooler climates.  Always speak with a reputable breeder before investing in a dog.  The potential for costly vet bills can be avoided if you do your homework first because these dogs can be plagued with health problems. Remember, too, that you may be able to find a perfectly wonderful French bulldog or other loving dog at your local pound.