Environment Canada

Canada is a vast country, only smaller than Russia in terms of overall size and encompasses many distinct environmental regions differing in natural resources, terrain and climate. Additionally, large portions of Canada’s land are separated from the other by large bodies of water, bays and channels. In fact, Canada has numerous islands off of its west coast as well as in the northern territory, before the Arctic Sea begins. Because of this vast and often harsh climate and terrain, Canada has a population concentration within 200 miles of the United States border and is quite sparsely populated throughout the rest of the country. As most of Canada’s sustainability and economy is contingent upon the exportation of natural resources, preserving environment Canada has become a critical national concern.

With the effects of global warming making themselves more apparent, as well as the stripping of natural resources due to overuse; environment Canada officials are developing and implementing earth friendly plans which will sustain Canada’s way of life while preserving the environment Canada’s resources so vital to the nations’ strength and survival.

For example, as the demand for timber continue to grow, environment Canada’s policymakers must consider the economic benefits to Canada while preserving the wilderness which provides recreational enjoyment for Canadians ands allows for human life on earth. And although it may be surprising to think that Canada would ever run out of trees for timber, given the vast wilderness areas, certain areas dense with trees, such as in the Northwest Territories do not provide trees suitable for the lumber industry uses. Again, an excellent example of environment Canada concerns due to the country’s unique geographical characteristics.

Another challenge facing environment Canada activists is that of over crowding in the urban areas and the growing demand on large cities infrastructures, such as difficulty keeping up with waste management and sewer systems. The population of Canada is often concentrated to large cities within 200 miles of the United States border creates a host of urban environmental problems which need to be faced.