Environment Canada Weather

The environment Canada weather greatly affects the lives of Canadians and Americans who live along the Canadian border.  Farming, certain industries, travel and tourism, as well as shopping for everyday needs are all subject to the environment Canada weather.

In Canada, there are many distinct regions, and the majority of the continent of North America can be found in Canada.  However, due to environment Canada weather, the majority of Canadians make their home just two hundred miles or less from the United States border.  Long harsh winters are a major factor in the environment Canada weather; subsequently, most Canadian farms can be found further south in Canada’s Great Plains, itself an extension of the American Great Plains.  Due to the environment Canada weather, most of the crops grown in Canada are harvested in early autumn to avoid the first frosts of the season which can prove lethal to the Canadian farming industry. However, in contrast to the potential downfalls of the environment Canada weather, long dry summers with slightly cooler temperatures prove to provide an excellent growing season for apples, pumpkins, squash, and certain types of beans and root vegetables like beets and carrots.

Another aspect of life for Canadians and Americans living on the Canadian border directly affected by the environment Canada weather is commuting to the grocery store during the winter months.  The environment Canada weather guarantees massive snowfall quantities and the potential for icy and near impassable roads.  Many Americans find that the nearest grocery store and other shopping conveniences are more accessible over the border, as little as two miles away, in contrast to American shopping centers which could be as far away as twenty to fifty miles.   Thus Americans have adapted as much as Canadians to the environment Canada weather so as to not have their daily and weekly routines interrupted by inclement weather conditions.

Finally, Canada is full of rich and breathtaking beauty, and it is in no small part a result of the environment Canada weather, which is now as ubiquitous a source of pride for Canadians as hockey, French-Canadian culture, and mounted police officers.