English to French Translation

Many of the country’s best poets, alongside their penchant for powerful verse, also prove to be the best practitioners of English to french translation.  The act of English to french translation is quite difficult, and requires copious amounts of time, energy, and resources, and it would appear that poets are best suited for the job for many significant reasons.

One important reason why poets are excellent at English to french translation is that often they have studied at some of the country’s most prestigious colleges and universities, where, quite routinely, French is a compulsory subject of study.  Likewise, many poets attend graduate school at universities where English to french translation is a mandatory part of their degree requirements.  In order to pass comprehensive examinations leasing to degree candidacy, poets take on a significant English to french translation project; this could include translating the work of a famous American author, and translating his or her work into French.

Yet another reason why poets excel at English to french translation has much to do with poetry as an art form.  Unlike prose, poetry is more succinct and the message or implied thoughts, feelings, and emotions must be communicated in short lines, single words, and rich descriptive phrases.  This demands close, careful, and mindful attention to detail lest a poem miss its mark and fall flat and dead on the page.  English to french translation requires similar close attention and long hours of patient and studious work.  Without careful and thoughtful attention to word choice and how a turn of phrase functions in one language, the original meaning in an English to french translation could be lost or trivialized.

Finally, a cursory glance at the poetry and literature section of any bookstore in French speaking countries will reveal how significant the role of American poets is to English to French Translation.  Most major works of British and American poetry and fiction are translated by poets, whose love of language, dedication to craft, and attention to detail, ensure French readers that they are indeed getting as close to the original text as is possible without the aid of knowing the language first hand.