English to French Dictionary

In order to make your next trip to France or any of the world’s French speaking countries more enjoyable and less stressful, a good English to french dictionary is essential.  Most local bookstores, college bookshops, and on-line book retailers carry a wide assortment and array of selections, so finding a great English to french dictionary is an easy task. 

When choosing an appropriate English to french Dictionary it is important to keep in mind several key factors.  First, it would be best if a native speaker of the French language assisted you in the selection of your English to french dictionary.  Although most are reliable and useful sources of information, at times there may be convoluted and extraneous amounts of information that may not prove useful to you as you embark on your travels.  A native French speaker can inform you whether or not your English to french dictionary is intended for tourists or students doing research.  Often the editions intended for students contains many more words, including less commonly used terms, as well as grammatical guides designed to facilitate writing in French.  An English to french dictionary with a good pronunciation key, on the other hand, will prove to better suit your needs.

Another key factor to keep in mind when choosing an English to french dictionary is to verify that the book contains words and phrases specific to the area of the world in which you’re traveling.  For example, although the French language is spoken in many parts of the world, the differences in vocabulary can prove to be startling.  A good demonstration of this is the difference between the vocabulary used by inhabitants of the U.S.A. versus the vocabulary used by residents of the U.K.  Although both countries speak English, there is a marked difference between the words that make up the lexicon of both regions. 

By working closely alongside a native French speaker and taking the time and patience to choose the appropriate English to french dictionary, your next trip to Paris, Haiti, or Martinique will prove enjoyable, memorable, and certainly not lost in translation.