Canada Food Guide

The purpose of the Canada food guide is to outline the amounts, proportions, types of food, and amounts of physical activity that are ideal for every Canadian family.  Its aim is to reduce the impact and occurrence of obesity related diseases such as diabetes and heart attacks by promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle.  It outlines serving recommendations to help encourage healthy eating habits among Canadians of all ages.

The Canada food guide begins by recommending servings of the different types of food –vegetables and fruit, grain, milk and alternatives, and meat and alternatives—for three age groups: children, teens, and adults.  Its recommendations are based on a reasonably active lifestyle.  If you lead a sedentary lifestyle you should choose a few less servings than recommended by the guide.  Meanwhile, if you are very active, you should choose a few more servings from any of the four food groups.  A food guide serving helps recommend the amount of food you should be choosing.  For example, a piece of fruit, half a bagel, and two eggs are each one food guide serving.  It is important to remember that some food guide servings may be less than what you are used to consuming.

The Canada food guide not only recommends keeping track of food servings, but also recommends at least 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity for adults each day.  While it may sound like a lot, it is easy to fit 60 minutes of activity into your day if you split it up into smaller 10 minutes chunks.  Even chores like carrying laundry and groceries can become forms of exercise.  Walking whenever possible also greatly increases the amount of exercise you can fit into your day.  By providing simple guidelines and suggestions for change, the Canada food guide can help you slowly gain a more healthful lifestyle.